New 2014 Handicapping System


Golf Australia has determined that the complete change over to the new GA Handicapping System will take place on the 23rd January 2014.

For a full rundown on the new system please click HERE or continue reading for a summary of how it will affect you.

There are two important elements which will be needed to be followed by all competitors in competitions from the 23rd January.

a/ Daily Handicap – To find your Daily Handicap you need to first look up your GA handicap, either from golflink or from the weekly sheet in the starters hut and to apply this figure to the new Daily Handicap Lookup Chart (see below). Find your GA Handicap in the left collumn and the corresponding number will be your Daily Handicap. This will be your handicap for the days round.

If you play a competition round at another course, or just want to check what your handicap will be, they will have a daily Lookup Chart for you to compare your GA Handicap with. Each course will be slightly different.

b/ Score Recording – The other important change to remember, is that ALL stroke rounds must also have the stableford points recored on the card. The stroke total will still be used to determine your score but your GA Handicap will be calculated from the stableford score.

click here for ESGC Daily Look-up Chart