“Should the forecast temperature at 6.00pm on the evening before the day of competition be

 40 degrees or more

 the competition for that day will be cancelled”.

  • The course will remain open for members’ play.
  • Should the event for the day be of a significant nature, such as Monthly Medal, the event will be transferred to a date to be determined.




  1. The Club has a duty of care to its members and seeks to take a reasonable approach to days of extreme heat.
  2. The Club is cognisant of advice given by the VGA and Sports Medicine Australian and expressed in the VGA Heat Policy.
  3. The Club is concerned for the health and well-being of all of its members.
  4. The average age of competition fields is more than 60 years of age.
  5. The Club is concerned for any possible litigation arising out of a heat-related situation.
  6. Cancellation of the competition of the day is advice from the Club that it considers that it is too hot for play.
  7. Members who play on days of extreme heat do so at their own risk. Members are advised to take appropriate actions to prevent heat stress.
  8. The policy will apply to the entire day as all competitions are whole day events not just for morning players who may be able to play early and avoid the heat of the day.
  9. Afternoon players should not be disadvantaged on days of extreme heat, nor should younger players who may be more able to manage extreme heat gain any particular advantage over more senior members in such conditions.
  10. The Club reminds all players about the appropriate measures to be taken to avoid heat stress, heat stroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion.
  11. The members will have certainty and will know from the forecast at 6.00 pm news what to expect on the following day.
  12. Members are advised that on days of extreme heat course staff might be involved in additional watering of greens and other areas susceptible to heat stress particularly during the morning and later in the day.
  13. The ESGC website will be updated with news of any cancellation of competitions as soon as possible on the evening in question.