Dress Standards


Eastern Sward requests neat golf attire at all times. The following is the dress standard that is required while on the course and in the Clubhouse.

– Collared shirts are compulsory.

– Slacks or shorts must be tailored. Predominately white socks are to be worn when wearing shorts. No football socks will be allowed.

– No Denim attire is accepted.

– Football Jerseys, T-shirts or Track Suits are non-complying with the dress standards.

– Golf shoes are the preferred footwear; shoes that are not golf shoes must enclose the feet and have flat soles.

– Eastern Sward is a compulsory soft spike course. Metal spikes are not permitted on the course.

To Gain Entry into the Clubhouse all the above conditions apply excepting footwear and trousers.


The changes are:

– Footwear in the clubhouse may be heeled.

– Clean, neat and tidy jeans are permitted in the Clubhouse.

– No hats are to be worn in the Clubhouse.