Good Friday 2014

The club held its annual Good Friday Golf Day this year with an excellent turn out. A full time sheet and a beautiful blue sky promised a great day for all.

About half way through the round, the heavens had other ideas. A storm swept through and everybody took what ever cover they could find. A few of the smarter folk headed for the clubhouse while the rest stayed out and finished their games.

Once the skies had cleared and the scorecards checked, the results were decided:

WINNERSBrenden Sheedy, Dean Westaway, Bob McNulty and Rob Jordon

RUNNERS UP – Gary Kendall, Greg Taylor, Phillip Hanlon, Aldo Rocco


1st – Aldo Rocco

3rd – Max Talay

5th – Stuart Paarman

8th – Simon Kort

10th – James Bell

12th – Keith McKinlay

14th Trevor Hawksworth

17th – Gary Bell

CLOSEST 2nd SHOT – 16th – Paul McFie

CLOSEST 3rd SHOT – 4th – Tim Edward


Thank you to all those members and sponsors who gave up their time to make sure this event was as successful as it was.

And congratulations must go to everyone at the club for raising just under $6000 for a very worthy cause.